Friday, August 01, 2008

Blogs & gardening, what do they have to do with with writing? Also, writers want to know why I named this blog, "Life's Beautiful Path." First of all when I started, I knew little about blogs. I thought the name/title would remind me to write positive on my blog after receiving a rejection or it had been a difficult writing week. To read my article, Blogs are Very Important, click on

Gardening, what does it have to do with writing? It has to do with writing articles about gardening. I have written and published several articles on the subject, and I love to write poems about gardening. I have kept a garden journal for years on the ups and downs of creating a woodland garden for wildlife and me. I love creating items from the garden and for the garden.

I finally purchased my first bonsai plant. There wasn't a name on the tag, but I believe it is a juniper. The shape reminds me of the famous cypress tree I seen years ago along Pebble Beach's 17-mile drive in California. Last night, I took one of my special bonsai tools, the scissors and trimmed it to appear as if the Pacific Ocean winds had shaped it.

Take your writing wings, fly to new adventures and recall old adventures - Write - write - write! Keep a smile on your face.

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