Monday, August 11, 2008

The simple life is so comforting. What a relaxing day with cool breezes circulating through the summer porch's open windows. It has been weeks since I had a free day to kick back to enjoy the sounds of a Blue jay sending warning cries that "Whiskers," the neighbor's cat was slowly approaching our property. The wildlife finds the Woodland Garden and our yard a safe haven to eat and live. They have become our watch dog since Baby Girl, our miniature dachshund went on her long journey April 13, 2006.

I was going to work in the Woodland Garden, but it was too wet after several inches of rain. So, I watched the sun play hide and seek causing shadows to dance below the large oaks and hickory trees. The birds came in for suet as a squirrel sharpened its teeth on a near-by plastic bird bath. Oh. for the simple life of taking off my shoes, kicking-back and saying thanks you God for allowing me to live and be so blessed.

This evening the pinkest reds of the sun reflected on the lake as it blended with a few clouds. The sky was filled with activity as the swallows, dragon flies and bats gathered mosquitoes for their dinner. Tomorrow, back to preparing for a full week ahead. Remember to attend the Bel Arco Writers Workshop Friday. Starting with the week of the 18th it is back to writing and submitting.

Smile and peace be with each of you.


Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

It has been beautiful here in the Ozarks this week! What inspiration. I enjoy your descriptions of the Woodland Garden.

Missy said...

"The simple life is so comforting." I love this statement, because it is so true. Love you Memaw.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thank you friend Kerri, see you Friday.

Granddaughter Missy Ann, I love you too. Memaw