Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bookstore, book and authors' events, poetry contest and gardening: In my Woodland Garden April 14, 2008, twenty May flowers reached toward the sky hoping to catch a ray of sunshine to nurture each bud hiding below their canopy. The wicked witch of the southwest had blown in for several days crying buckets of tears until the Woodland garden was flooded. Later, the angry north winds circled the dogwoods and redbuds, but the warmth of the garden angels' wings protected them. Today all 31 dogwoods and five redbuds will continue to brighten up my days.

Upcoming exciting events not to miss. "The Thing" an oral poetry contest to be held Saturday April 19, at 1:00 p.m., at the Baxter County Library click on http://www.baxtercountylibrary.org. Each years they present tons of awards and prizes - most of all great poetry. Stephen Johnson has been the emcee since it began in 2004. Stephen,the judges and all the volunteers do a professional job. This year they are trying to limit to 50 poets. Last year over 100 poets signed up to read. Our library does such a great job promoting events. It is a fun and interesting place.

Books in Bloom May 6, Eureka Springs, AR. I love it and it is free. Lots of interesting books to purchase while you visit with authors. Several authors will be speaking.

Mountain Home has a new independent bookstore : Readers' Choice Books (870) 424-0101 featuring new and used books. The owner is Lynne Dugan. I am so happy to see an independent bookstore. Please visit with Lynne.

A good editor is a good thing. The key to an editor's eye is your cover letter. You must present an interesting blurb about your manuscript and yourself as a writer. Will your cover letter get the attention of the editor/reader to continue to read your manuscript or will the editor send a rejection letter without reading it? Remember the market place is very busy filled with over worked editors and lots of products to choose from. Think of it this way - you have just invented a product you believe in and feel everyone is dying to have it in their market place. Now, you have to convince a factory to produce it, next you have to convince the stores to carry it. (c)

Musical notes flow
Trees, shrubs splash in color.
Birds in social song
Spring has arrived.
Oh, happy days.

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Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

I'm glad to see an independent book store as well. Thanks for posting.