Thursday, March 20, 2008

Website, writers meeting, new author and rain. First of all don't forget to check out my other blog and my website where I continue to add items where hopefully you will find some of my past published credits while I was living in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and now Arkansas.

Monday 10th, Barb, Lonny, Valerie and me had our children's writers group meeting at a darling little cafe on the square in Gainesville, Missouri. We enjoyed breakfast at a large table where we could spread out all the items we wanted to share. It was very exciting to learn how hard each of us is working to be published in magazines and to have one or more books published. We shared market news, manuscripts we are submitting and what an editor added in the our rejection letters. We shared ideas that might work in a regional magazine or other magazines such as Grit and Wildbird.

Before we start home we head to the Gainesville Library to check out the books they have for sale. Valerie, our group leader who works overtime to get us all together asked if we could hold our next meeting April 18 at the library. If plans don't change we'll be there. We were informed of a new children's author who lives in the area. She is T. A. Sigafus author of The case of Beethoven's Bandit and her website is We are hoping she will come to our next meeting.

April 14, I had fun working in the Audubon Society's booth at the Home Show.

We had a good foot of rain in 36 hours or more as we watched the run-off from the neighbors yards surrounded us as the water traveled down to create a huge birdbath that covered the woodland garden. The weather radio went off constantly. I didn't know if I should swim or hide in the tornado closet. I am now trying to catch-up on a mile high of honey-dues and a studio office with one corner that has work backed up to the ceiling. Okay, maybe, its not that bad.

"Action is the foundational key to all success." - The Armchair Traveler.

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