Thursday, March 13, 2008

Submitting, retyping, and rejections can be a good thing. When a manuscript is returned (I like the word returned better than rejection.), remember it doesn't mean it needs rewriting. But, sometimes we are still at the learning stage and the manuscript needs more than a second glance. Rewrite and correct if needed and when possible retype. When you retype think of it as re-staging for saleability. When the manuscript has been out with an editor from 8-12 months, we as writers are always learning how to improve our writings, so this is a good time to check it over and apply improvements if needed.

I received two rejections with encouraging comments on my children's picture book manuscripts. I shared with the children's writers group I belong to for comments. They were kind enough to be honest with additional comments, so I made some change and retyped. I will re-stage several others I will be resubmitting. Also, I sent four poems to a children's magazine this week. We'll see how this goes. I continue to do research on my woodpeckers.

I try to update my blogs and website once a week. I see I failed as I was very busy. Life is not dull at this time, it is the most exciting time of my life, for I am now living in a place without future plans to move ( Only God can suggest a new move for me.). My life was always on the move learning new things and making new friends, but I never felt like I had roots.

Worrying about tomorrow makes a sad day today.

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