Sunday, March 02, 2008

Garden and Music Entertainment: It is good for a writer to step out beyond the walls of their studio/office to energize the tired spirit.

The Home and Garden Show provided ideas to file in my folder for my garden articles. I love beautiful sculptures and being a gardener I was pulled in by the "Golden Garden Girl" in the photo created by Sculptor Michael Don Fees on display. Check out all his beautiful breath taking sculptures for the home and garden at Ryan Schmidt had his sculptures on display in the same area. You'll find information on his work on the same website.

Yesterday we had the privilege to attend an afternoon of out-standing music at the benefit concert presented by Oksana Pavilionis of the Ovation Academy and Twin Lakes Baptist Church for the Twin Lakes Music Foundation. ( There is a fountain of musicians and singers in this area that will never run dry. The Ovation Academy will provide classes in music, art and foreign languages.

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