Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Writers are interesting people. Ozarks Writers League members gathered August 18th at the College of the Ozarks in the Plaster Auditorium. We learned how to and how not to pitch an agent, by Linda Apple and Dusty Richards. Georgie McIrvin and Jay Grelen shared their experiences on how to conduct successful interviews, and how one story can produce several future articles. They both were very knowledgeable. Of course, Ms. McIrvin inspired me with her go-getting attitude where you have nothing to lose. and how to be professional at all times. Most of all age means nothing when it comes to writing. A first rate interesting story is the most important part of writing. Ms. McIrvin started writing in 1999 when she was in her sixties.

We had lunch at the spectacular Keeter Center dinning room with four interesting people. Elaine E. Deyo, writes screenplays, children's books and is a fine artist. Check out her website ww.meet-branson.com. Polly McCrillis aka Isabel Mere writes suspense and historical romance novels. She recently moved to Missouri from Florida and to learn more click on www.pmccrillis.com. Connie Hjetmeng-Johnson is writing a children's picture book about the war. Her son is stationed in Afghanistan and writes articles for the Army Times. The forth interesting writer Ruth Hunter is a web/print designer and illustrator at www.sagemedissite.com.

This is proof a blog can bring some people fame. The Chocolate & Zucchini blog managed by Clotide Dusoulier, a 27 year old women who clains she receives 4.5 million visitor a month and because of it has signed a book deal with Broadway Books.

Watch for my new blog. I hope to have it up soon. SUBMARINE STORIES AND MILITARY WRITERS. I will still continue this blog.

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