Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dusty Richards, author of 79 books and Linda Apple, who has been published in six of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Books, tells how to be prepared to pitch Terry Burns a Christian book agent. Click on for November 16-17 Ozarks Writers League's special two day workshops. Your book manuscript should be 250 words per page,about 300 pages, know the genre and where it will fit on the bookstore shelf. Listen carefully to what the agent says. If he turns you down he may ask you what other book could you write, or can you write a series? If you believe you can say, "yes." Click on Dusty's and Linda's websites are and

The pitch: Introduce yourself while you hand him your bussiness card. Give the title of your book and howmany words and pages, then present him with four to five exciting sentences-a blurb of your book. Be sure and write it down to take with you. In the meanwhile practice your pitch. Remember agents and editors are nice people and you are the salesperson pitching a product you believe in.

An agent loves writers that are outgoing and dedicated. Mention the writers groups and other groups you are a member of.

For updates in book markets go to The Purple Crayon and Publishers Weekly at For a list of children magazines go to and publishers at Children's Book Council

Most of my extra time has been spent in my woodland garden raking fall-colored leaves. Yes, I did say, "leaves." The month of August we received no rain and leaves are falling. When I looked up at all the leaves still attached, I couldn't believe where the two huge piles come from that we raked. Also, I have been dead heading and watering trying to keep the roots alive until help arrives in the form of rain. But, I prefer to water than have a flood. It is so dry the dust is coughing.

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