Friday, June 29, 2007

Submitting and rewriting is not an easy chore. When submitting I find writing the cover/query letter difficult. Finding quality time is not found to finish stories requiring a lot of polishing. I repeat to myself over and over that I am thankful for the time I am provided.

Exclusive submissions submitted to children's book publishers:
  • Cheezie Denise
  • No one Wanted Me/Dachshund: The Come Back Dachie Series
  • Squeaky's Adventure
  • Polly Wants a Cracker
  • Two Naughty puppies and That Cat
  • Trail of Fears

I have two more ready to go:

  • Bodoom and Scooter and the Wild Tail
  • The Sea Captain Fights the Sea Serpent

Children's magazine: Jimmy's Bubblegum Tooth (a short story)

Three poems to a literary magazine:

  • Faded Dreams
  • Autumn's Fears
  • Winter Trees

Four short articles to an e-zine and a regional magazine.

July 3rd, I start my creative writing classes for kids ages 8-12 at the Baxter County Library. This is my third year. I enjoy teaching the kids for they are enthusiastic and willing to teach me as I teach them. This a sharing time to create excitement about writing short stories and poems that will extend a lifetime.

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