Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Book Promoting


Many times the self published or any traditional author will state, "How do I sell or promote my book (s)?
It is up to each author to promote anyway one can. I started way before my book is release, because my husband was ill and in the midst of selling our house and then the move, I did the best I could. I created flyers to hand out.   A list below of who received a copy.

I had a garage sale (No, I didn't sell the garage.) where each person received a flyer. I met ex-submarine veterans (My book is about submarine veterans), men who have always love reading about submarines or other type of boats, or they knew a friend or family member who would love one.

Our realtor, neighbors, or anyone else coming through the door.

The mover and packers.

The furnace repair man or other repair persons.

The computer hook-up man, the driver from the senior center, and any one that came to my door after I moved in.

Mailed a flyer with our new address and phone number to friends and family.

I believe you get it.

Happy promoting. Enjoy. I love it. At one of the retail department stores I was working, I was voted sales person of the year. I was embarrassed at the time for I thought all the employees worked hard - why me? Looking back, I wish I could have been more confident and grateful. I am learning as I travel the journey of selling my books/writings/art/photographs.

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