Friday, November 29, 2013


Ozarks Writers League 30th Anniversary with Missy Ann

    Thursday, November 14, 2013, it was dark when my granddaughter Missy arrived from Naperville, Illinois around 7:30 p.m. Said our hellos and headed out to the Village Wheel in Bull Shoals for dinner. This was the start of our yearly special week-end together (Ladies only).

      Friday morning November 15th, we were up and ready to head to the Blackbird Café at the Donald W. Reynolds Library for breakfast muffins, drink and chit-chat. It was so warm and cozy we lingered enjoying the moment before we headed to Ozarks Writers League OWL) 30th anniversary celebration week-end.

     We stopped in Yellville at the Palette Art League to see their 1st Annual Quilt and Artisan Bazaar featuring handcrafted items created by 230 Ozark Artisans - Amazing items.

     As we arrived in Harrison, we debated how far it was to Eureka Springs and did we have time to go. We decide sure – why not.  We visited a couple of our favorite shops: Wilson and Wilson Folk Art (Family of artist) and the darling shop Enjoy Something Simple; they are such friendly people. Before traveling on North 23, we had a bite to eat at a Subway.

      Gosh, I didn’t know it was somewhat of a long route to return back to Highway 65 N. But, it was enjoyable visiting and singing over and over to Missy’s new cd filled with special hymns she picked up on the way down at Cracker Barrel.

      We arrived at Historical Downtown Hollister about 4:30 p.m. at the beautiful Ye Olde English Inn, own and recently renovated by novelist Janet Dailey.  I signed us in and we visited with OWL members filling the lounge.  It was fun seeing so many I hadn’t for about a year. Missy, carried our things up to our suite – (The Winslow) and a little later we sat in the hallway lounge where we had coffee and coco. I met author K.D. McCrite. Later, said hi to Chuck Butkus (President Twin Lakes Writers) and his wife, plus Jory and Charlotte Sherman.  

      We went downstairs to the main lounge after changing for the banquet: more visiting, photo taking while we listen to the talent Possum Holler Fiddlers. The dinner and contest awards started a 6:30. (Twin lakes Writers won some awards) We had a great time and I picked up a free poetry book, “French Quarter at Eight” by John W. Crawford.  

      Saturday morning we were up early to eat breakfast at the Inn, packed the car to head out to the Collage of the Ozarks to sign-in by 9:00 to listen to speakers and elect officers. We ate lunch at The Keefer Center and return for more OWL programs. Missy won the door prize – a journal and the OWL’s CD of the slide show of Ozark Writers League 30th Anniversary (She was so kind to allow me to have it).  For a short time I promoted Pat Durman’s  (Free Verse Poetry Group) new book “Lights and Shadows in a Nursing Home” found on .

      We left a little early to drive around Branson, didn’t linger long lots of traffic.

      When we got close to home we stopped near Cotter at a shop we enjoy and home to go to Gaston’s Resort on the White River for our last dinner together. Enjoyed the food and the view as a large full Harvest Moon centered in the sky above the White River as it ran a bead of light down the river – it was beautiful!

       Missy left for home the next morning in the wake of high wind and tornados. She passed near the town of Washington after the damage was done. She said it looked like a war zone. With the phone close by and the weather station on, I stay glued until she called as she neared home. I am so thankful to God for her safe trip.

        We made wonderful memories and looking forward to her trip next year. Each year I would like to have each grandkid make the trip so I could make sweet memories with each one.






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