Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Ozarks Writers League

Shutting down for the night, so I can get some work done away from the studio. At 2 p.m. I was heading to the art room - I never got there. Gathered up the garbage, watered and fed my plants, did some work in the kitchen and laundry room, made reservations for next month to attend the Ozarks Writers  League (only two rooms left and I had to reserve a suite). Banquet one night to celebrate  their anniversary. I joined I believe in 1993 - only group around at that time.  It has been a great help to me.

Editing my short story and hopefully work in my art room tonight.
I had a great day, hope you did too.


Donna Volkenannt said...

Hi Mary Nida,
I remember meeting you at an OWL meeting many years ago.
Wish I could make the November meeting and see you again, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to be there this time.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Hi Donna,
I would love to see you. I am sorry you will not be coming. I haven't attended in a long time. I'll always remember you, for you have been so kind to share encouragement when I needed it. Thank you for being a friend.