Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Busy Days and Busy Days Ahead

Just a little of what I have been up to that I never got around to placing on Facebook.

     When the weather report was announced that the temperature was dropping to freezing I gathered up my potted plants where I place them in the enclosed summer porch where they will stay all winter. I proceeded to bring in to the garage my large fern by removing it from the larger decorative empty pot to trim it back when I discover Sassafras inside the empty container. Sassafras is a little Gray Tree Frog that was my friend last summer.   Sass was a baby when I discovered him and photographed him all summer in different places and poses. The cutting was discontinued and the fern carefully placed back in the large container as Sass moved up the wall out of harm’s way. I will miss him this winter and his family that greeted me with a song in the mornings as I walked to the paper box.

      Friday morning I stopped at the Midway Fire Department garage sale where I purchased a small table and four chairs. Now, I need to donate my large dining table and six chairs. We continued out to the place where ORAC was holding the 6x6 art action Saturday evening. I was unable to attend Saturday night so I placed several bids for the ones I wanted and on my own. Then, I stayed while Eileen Preston picked up donated flowers from several florist and helped Debby Lively ORAC president until 4 p.m. when Eileen returned with beautiful fall flowers.

     Saturday morning I volunteered at the Baxter County Library for a couple of hours during kids mousetrap car races. I had an enjoyable time.

     After two weeks without seeing Prissy, she came one morning to enjoy a little corn with one mother, a yearling and two fawn friends acting like colts on a spring morning. The young ones were playing as if they felt safe and free from there hold-up spot down below the forest covered hills hiding from the bow hunters.

    Sunday morning we went to church and I had a restful afternoon.

    Monday, two members of Creative Writers & Illustrators came to the studio to work on a pre-teen novel and other things. We accomplished critiquing three chapters. Several were left for me to read from both writers. They realize I am very busy so they were kind enough not to put any pressures on me to finish. I will be my best.

    Today, Tuesday October 29, I and Stephen Johnson, president of the Free Verse Poetry Group met at KTLO radio station where we promoted our group’s latest poetry CD “Driftwood” on the program TALK OF THE TOWN. Stephen did great and I hope I was okay. It was fun.

     Soon as I post this on my one blog I’ll be onto the next step in my minutes I have left in this day. Remember, Saturday, November 2, Creative Writers and Illustrators meet at 1 p.m. at the Baxter County Library

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