Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Twin Lakes Writers last Saturday enjoyed our guest
speaker, Karen Montgomery. She shared her traveling kit
and book “Dress Well and Travel Light” that is sold on Amazon.
Karen also shared with us the steps to creating her kit and how she
promotes herself and how to travel light. We all brain stormed
where to, and how to promote your work. It was very interesting.

Today was the White River Writers Guild meeting in Batesville.
For future meetings get in touch with Earl Belcher june.bell123@gmail.com
Earl’s website: http://lambelectronicpublishing.yolasite.com/

Go to
http://www.yola.com/ to inquire for a free website and http://www.webs.com/

Don’t forget the Cherokee Village Writers Guild meet the 4th Tuesday
at the Sharp County Library, Hardy, Arkansas 9-11 a.m.
Pat Oplinger poplinger@centurytel.net

Thank you members for your monthly donations to help support future plans
for our organization. I will share in February’s newsletter and will welcome
your input. Planning ahead will help continue Twin Lakes Writers to go
forward in the right direction.


Missy said...

I wish I could have heard Karen's hints because I find it hard to pack light. I would love to see your notes and I will check her out on Amazon.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

It was very helpful.I am going to clean out my closet to try to do what she shared. I'll email you later. To night church supper where as the church photographer I will have to work.

Living Large said...

Looks like it was a fun and informative meeting, Mary!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Yes Kerri, it was. We learned more than how to travel light and dress well. Karen helped us and we hopefully was able to help her on how and where to promote one or more products. She made the program "fun."