Monday, February 07, 2011

© by Mary Nida Smith
Birds of a feather
Flock together
Protecting each other
From feather heads
Gathering cozy feathers
To feather their beds
And jackets for winter warmth.
Feather-weights will pull
Tail feathers to feather
Their nest while birds
Go naked by day
And freeze by night
As two legged creatures
Nestle down in cozy
Feather beds gathered
From birds that
Flock together.
Placed on Feb W.O.M. David L. Harrison's blog


Missy said...

This is a delightful piece. I think that we all forget what birds go through to survive, especially in the winters. I like the title, "Pin Feathered," and like the part about gathering cozy feathers to feather their beds and jackets for winter warmth. I just taught my students about birds' adaptation and migration during the winter months. Great photo as well. Is that a Wood Pecker?

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thank Missy. Pin Feathered/pin feathers is what birds/chickens have shown on their naked skin after the feathers have been pulled out. Feather heads are mindless people and feather weights means small people who used feathers to line jackets/coats for warmth and bed mattress. I can always see where I could have improved my writing after posting.

Living Large said...

Cute, Mary! I saw a wren taking up residence in the bird house on the covered front porch last week. I'm so hoping this means spring is not far away!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Kerri, I don't know what is going on with wild kingdom, they are as confused as we are. This warm weather coming up should bring Spring closer.