Thursday, December 30, 2010

Plans for 2011:
# 1. Finish editing photos, writing, and placing items in the church album. Start a new album for 2011. When the activities increase at church the more I get involved with taking photos.
# 2. List of scheduled programs, workshops, and speakers for the Twin Lakes Writers and North Central Children's Writers and Illustrators that I founded and I am the President. Lots of details to work out: Find sponsor, dates that works for most people, press releases, door prizes, and most of all what dates work best for our speakers. Our members are great and willing to help.
# 3. Two goals is all I can handle and keeping my nerves calm.


Missy said...

Those are 2 great goals and they are great because they not only be benefit you but others as well. Happy New Year!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Happy New Year! What goals have you set?

Missy said...

To enjoy each moment more and oh yes, get married!

Donna Perugini said...

I love your involvement at church.

It would also be good to live in your area and come to the workshops. I'm attending one down in Seattle Jan. 11..a SCBWI critique. Husband is being wonderful and driving me there 1 1/2 hrs. away. At least I won't be stressed about the drive.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Donna, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I wish you did live in our area ,then you could share all your knowledge with us. There was nothing here in this area when I moved here; I had to create it. Outside workshop we have to drive two-three hours to attend.

Your area offers everything.I spent a lot of time in Washington and lived in the Portland, Oregon area for 19 years. Both states offer a lot of wonderful prgrams.

Have fun at the SCBWI group.