Sunday, November 28, 2010

Speaking Schedule: I learned two important things when I shared how important blogging was to writers. I wrote my program for the 45 minutes I was to speak.
What do you do when preceding speakers run into your time slot and you are only allowed twenty minutes? This can easily happen.
1. Remember to always have a short version hitting only on the most important parts giving the audience who came to learn from you something to take home.
2. Never be the last speaker of the day.I am glad I was able to learn from this experience. If I can learn from my experiences I am one more step ahead of the game


Living Large said...

It's also important for a group to have moderators who keep time and keep their speakers on point, Mary, so they are not cutting into the time of the next speakers. It's really too bad so many speakers run into the problems you did, especially when the speaking gigs for writers are done probono and sometimes, at considerable travel cost to the speaker. It's always good to take lessons from life and I'm glad you did so with this experience.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

When all expense is paid one can't complain and when it is for friends
you go with the flow and be prepare for whatever happens.
Thanks Kerri for your comments.

irishoma said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for the advice.
Donna V.