Sunday, November 21, 2010

I hadn't did a Google search (Mary Nida Smith) for awhile to see where my copyrighted material might be used without my permission, or my name or my blogs are appearing.
FAIR USE: My copyrighted poem titled "Christmas Below the Sea" was found on under the FAIR USE law Title 17 U.S.C. 107. To learn more go to U.S. Copyright Office: Fair Use http://www.copyrightgov/fls/fl102/html
BLOG STATS: I found a site that had all the stats on my blog and it's possibility of a future ad making blog. I will not review any more. But now, I know why I received so much spam for that site. The only good good thing they did mentioned all my other blogs and where to purchase my book and more. I don't know if this all is really a good thing or not.
BOOK PIRACY: Below is a link to an article on piracy of books that tells how that piracy is draining income from novelists. This was passed along by courtesy of Lois Kleinsasser (Cait London).That link is Delois McGrew, President OWL


Betty Craker Henderson said...

Mary, sorry I couldn't stay for all of your presentation on Saturday. We had a program that evening and I had to rush back to Monett. It was good to see you and I'll keep up with the blog(s) as often as possible. I'm beginning to see just how important blogging can be and also how downright enjoyable it is! Had fun, didn't you?

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thanks Betty for stopping by. I know some members couldn't stay for they had a long drive home or other programs to attend. That's okay. I'll check in on your blog when time permits to see what you are up to. It was good seeing you again. Blogging is important and it is fun to meet new bloggers.