Sunday, March 14, 2010

Writer Beware
Warnings and cautions for writers about literary frauds, scams, deceptions, and - Cached - Similar
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Jan 28, 2010 ... Below, in alphabetical order, is a list of
the currently active literary agencies about which Writer
Beware has received the largest number - Cached - Similar
Writer Beware Blogs!
Writer Beware, a publishing industry watchdog group sponsored by the
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America with additional support
from the Mystery - Cached - Similar

Writer's Market book - Check out the last pages to find a list
of all the professional organizations for the different genres and
the different industry organizations for writers. There is a lot of helpful
information if you connect with the sources for the different genres you
may be interested in.

Check Missouri Writers website for all the different writers groups at Springfield and other areas of the state.

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