Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Before I share last week’s, “So goes life,” I must share this
new illustrator. Dan Burr was brought to my attention through
David’s book, PIRATES. I am so glad that our library ordered
three of his books. I have enjoyed reading and learning from them.
Dan Burr is an outstanding illustrator. He paints large double-page
spreads and single pages that appear as if they were 3-D. I almost
felt as if the pirates would capture me with each page I turned. Here
is Dan’s blog http://dburr.blogspot.com. He is from Tetonia, Idaho.
I lived in Idaho coming and going for several years: Cottonwood, Weiser,
Meridian, Boise and Twin Falls.

Last week was a busy turned upside down week. One of our
ten monkey squirrels lost its balance on its regular road home.
Up, up the dogwood tree to the light post to the tip top to start
its journey across the line to the neighbor’s woods and home.

I was watching, when I heard a loud boom and the little body
dropped to the ground. My heart dropped with it. I wondered
if that was Mrs. M who came to my window for her peanuts. Oh,
I hoped not. We were out of electricity until it was repaired about
one hour

The next day the road crew put our water out of commission.
We had no water for about two days and then the boil order
went into effect for a couple more.

Then of all things I decided to change servers to be able
to have more speed and no more dial-up. I thought I had
checked out everything, that maybe, I knew what I was doing.
Well, I found out I didn’t know much. I feel I have lost many
connections I had acquired since I started blogging in the
fall of 1997. I am still waiting for the speed and an email
connection. Life is so unpredictable. I’ll put this to the side
and worry about the possibly of tornado arriving. Well, I
can’t do anything about that either.


fivecoat said...

Oh, so sad about the squirrel, Mary. No tornadoes, though, so that is good. The only constant we can count on is change.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Hi Kerri, at our house every day and sometimes every hours our plans are changed for us. Soooo goes life that sends us bumps in the road.

Missy said...

Poor squirrel, such a cute and intelligent animal they are.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Hi Missy,
Yes, sometimes I think animals can be smarter than humans. Anyhow,they are always trying to prove they are.