Thursday, February 18, 2010

Important Information:I have been backed in a corner or/and snowed under. What ever way you take it, I have been loaded down with work and I am trying to keep my head above water. You writers & illustrators know what I am taking about. I have a list a mile long. While I get myself organized download these newsletters from The Writer, The Writers Digest and Publishers Weekly. They will keep you informed and you can ask questions from the different people who blog on their websites. Don’t forget to check out Writer Beware’s website.
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Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

We writers always have too much on our plates, don't we?

Life's Beautiful Path said...

So right! I am on the run doing a six and eight things at once. A little here and a lttle there. I am searching for a piece of writing I believe has gotten buried some place.

mary-catherine said...

I hope you find that elusive piece of writing Mary Nida, and I hope you're able to work your way out from under all the workload you have right now. That's the best way to do things, little by steps. Take it easy, and have a good weekend.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thanks Mary-Cat for your words of encouragement. No, I never found what I was looking for. I should have left it in the file. The work load will continue for a few days.
Right now I can;t take baby steps; I need to do some giant steps for a few days. Have a great Sunday.

Mary Nida