Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter Poem      


By Mary Nida Smith

Before dawn magic
took wings
beyond my window.
When I looked out
into my garden
I saw the tree branches
dressed in bridal wear
under a canopy of blue.
Branches reached outward
displaying garments
of white crystal beads.
The bright sun rushes in
with a guest named Breeze.
Suddenly the white crystals
turn into sparkling diamonds,
floating slowly to the ground,
covering guest foot prints
like ghostly vapors
disappear from camera’s view.


Missy said...

This is my favorite poem I have read of yours. It captures winter.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thanks you Missy. Winter constantly
changes everyday where I discover something new to write about and take photos of. Looking at winter this way helps the days to be exciting.

Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

I love it, Mary. Great visuals of what we've been experiencing here!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Kerri, thanks. I understand we may have a few snow melting days this week. Enjoy!

mary-catherine said...

Hello Mary,
Your poem is beautiful; I love the line, "The bright sun rushes in with a guest named Breeze.".
It is past midnight, and Winter has just sprinkled a light dusting of snow here. It is quiet; no one has disturbed it yet, and it is well worth the trade-off of sleep to be able to see it in all it's pristeen beauty. Reading your poem, while gazing out at this scene made it a double pleasure. Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope your day tomorrow is filled with Winter's beauty.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thank you Mary-Cat. I am glad you enjoyed the poem and your own surrounding winter beauty. Today, I am hoping for a touch of sunshine reflecting warmth. Please visit again.

irishoma said...

Hi Mary,
Simply lovely! Beautiful images and emotion.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thanks, Donna. This style of wintry beautiful is enjoyable because it is only displayed a short time, then quickly disappears.

adityahiran said...

nice way of describing winter..
Look at how i described my life's story in my blog
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Life's Beautiful Path said...

Hi. Glad you had time to visit one of my blogs. Thank you for your comment. I'll have to check your blog. Enjoy, the winter as best you can. Mary Nida