Friday, January 29, 2010

by Mary Nida Smith (c)

Oh, the day it snowed
I stood with my mouth open
to catch the snowflakes.
I leaned my head back
to feel the snow against my face.
I took my hands swishing
fluffy flakes back and forth
playing with them before they land.
I ran and yelled, "Snow, Snow."
I'll always remember
the day it snowed.
I twisted and turned
as I laid on the ground
feeling the snowflakes
coming down.
I'll forever remember
the first time
I saw and touched snow.

First snow for my young son when we were living in Oregon.


mary-catherine said...

Hello Mary,
I am loving this poem, especially now, with almost 2 feet of snow on the ground here in Delaware. I hope you're doing ok there; how are you faring?
I'm getting ready to take my best friend Lucky out for a romp in the snow, with your words reminding me to embrace every sensation, and every aspect of this wintry miracle. I think I will make a snow angel! :-)
Thank you for sharing it with us.
Stay warm and safe, and have a lovely weekend,
P.S. Is Wesley the young son you're referring to in your blog?

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Mary-Catherine, I am glad you enjoyed the poem. Yes, Wesley is the young man in the poem. How did you know that? He is a special talented son. The boys in the picture are my neighbor boys.

Take pictures of Lucky playing in the snow and your angel prints.Enbrace the beauty of the snow and the clouds in the sky.

We are expecting another storm on Monday. Stay safe and happy.

Mary Nida

mary-catherine said...

Good Morning Mary Nida,
It was Wesley who told me about you, and gave me the link to your blog. We have been corresponding via emails for almost six months now, and we met through his music. Yes, he is exceptionally talented; his music weaves colorful, heartfelt tapestries of sound and emotion, and like his mother, takes stunningly beautiful photographs.

I had a lovely time in the snow yesterday, and yes, I did make a snow angel! Something about playing in the snow evokes childhood memories, and I really enjoyed myself.

Have a lovely, rejuvinating Sunday, and you too, be safe and warm, and happy.


Life's Beautiful Path said...

Mary-Cat, yes,now I know you are the one Wes mentioned a few weeks back.He said he gave my link to a very nice person who wanted to be a writer. So, Mary-Cat what do you write? Please write a poem for David's blog. It is fun while we learn from others.

Thanks you, Wes is a good photographer and artist.

Have a great week.
Mary Nida

mary-catherine said...

Hi Mary Nida,
I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner; many things have been happening here, between multiple blizzards (with ensuing power outages), a plumbing problem (with ensuing clean-up), computer problems,and a few other odds and ends, I haven't had any time to myself.
Well, the scope of my writing is not very large; I've kept a journal for over 20 years, and dabbled in poetry as a teenager. I love music (that's how I know Wes), and have done music event and album reviews. I much prefer the event reviews, because they're more spontaneous, and you only have one shot at capturing the emotions, reactions, etc., so you don't have a chance to over-embellish (which is something I sometimes do). I haven't written a poem in a very long time, but I will give it a try again. I have been thinking on the word for this month, and have a few ideas forming. The poem you submitted is beautiful...and surprising. I really enjoyed it, and voted for it.
We're beginning to slowly make our way out of these last two storms, but with the Sun comes melting, and with the night comes freezing, so it's still a bit treacherous outside. I hope that you are staying safe and warm, and enjoying the snow. Soon it will be gone. My mother used to say,"If you don't like the weather, just wait six months.", and she was right.
Best Wishes to you,

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Mary-Cat, It is good to hear from you. I am glad you are finding some
sunshine in this long troublesome winter. Also, look for the beauty in everything, I find this very helpful. Thanks for checking in on David's blog and voting for me. I can't wait to read your poem next month when David gives us a new word. You have a good background in writing. Start again and don't give up. Okay? Mary Nida