Thursday, September 17, 2009

Writers Groups, Bookstores, Libraries and POD Press: When I travel if there is a writers group having a meeting I love dropping in; make connections and learn what their members are doing. I dropped in on the Naperville Writers Group (Naperville, Ill). It was interesting.

I checked out the Anderson's Bookshop, a Independent bookstore. It is busy with authors' book signings. I picked up a couple of interesting and helpful books. One of the books I will share in another blog update. When I am in Naperville I try not to miss going to this bookstore. I love it!

I try to go to at least one library in Naperville, buy used books and pick up information on what programs they offer. Purchased about five picture books and a book on porches.

Are E-books the publisher of the future? A lot is being written on this subject. Reports are no more newspapers, magazines or books - everything will be found on the Internet. Scary!

Check out Forrest L. Rawls book, Legacy of the Holy Warrior at Another POD or E-publisher I haven't heard about.

Enjoy these rainy days writing and reading.


Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

Oh, how fun dropping in on writers groups while traveling. I love visiting independent book stores too.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

We writers are curious creatures we gather information where ever possible.