Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn Love is Hurting my Ears
(C) by Mary Nida Smith
An unknown male cricket is having fun teasing my nerves with his
high pitch sounds. It is hiding in our garage near my studio door.
It is quiet by day and when the light is on at night. But, when the
garage is dark he starts creating his awful ear-piercing sound. Singing,
no, I wouldn't adventure to say that, for the sound is created while
rubbing his legs together. I hope he rubs them raw.
Yes, I know about the lovable Cricket Chester in the children's book,
The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden and The Very Quiet
Cricket by Eric Carle, where between one of the pages a cricket sound
appears. I thought it was adorable. But, this cricket I haven't seen. If
I was able to catch him, I would place him outside where I hear the
soft tones of his lover singing.
Oh, the chirping songs of lovers. I made a deal with the garage
spiders.The first one to quiet this cricket's love song or chase it
out into the open I will allow it to live safely in my garage for life.
I do believe they had a short lifespan.
Yes, I know about the old wives-tale that a cricket on the fireplace
hearth brings good luck. I thought it was a cute saying, so I have
a black metal one. No good luck here. The chimney sweep man
reported we need to have a liner put in.
I know all creatures come with the territory when living in the
natural state and having a large woodland garden. I wouldn't
want it any other way for I enjoy taking photos of insects.
I took a photo of my cricket on my fireplace hearth to show you,
but it wouldn't upload. Too big, I guess.
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Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

Well, hopefully, it will also bring you real luck!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Yes, it may have today. I'll know this evening if this love sick cricket is gone. It showed it self this morning and I showed it where to go. He was no Jimmy Cricket.