Sunday, June 14, 2009

Promotional Campaign, Gardening, Crafts & Focus:

I volunteered to help promote a wonderful young man named Wes Bensching and his new label Hard Fault. He has a great love for writing and composing his own style of unique music. Every note on Hard Fault’s CDs is performed by Wes. He plays several instruments, compiles, and edits to create leisure music.

January’s ice storm removed many tree limbs in the Woodland Garden. No more canopy of trees. The sun has found its way in where I have to rethink from shade to sun growing plants. This is a new adventure. The garden is my place to think – refocus my life as a writer- what book to rewrite, what one to submit, and what one to start writing.

Focus, focus, focus- How does one keep focused in this crazy, changing world. Deadlines I can keep because I gave my word – I keep my word. I just wish, I could keep my word I place on myself,

Before I start submitting crafts and recycling articles and two books I have finished on these subjects, I would like to start a blog on these subjects. What I have sold in the past and what I have researched; non-fiction sells quicker than fiction for children and adults.
What do you think?

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