Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Castles of The Blue


Unique, uninhibited compositions composed by
Wes Bensching born with talent to hear musical
sounds that inspires the imagination.
Album has eight distinct orchestra numbers.

Castles of the Blue – I visualize different cloud formations passing
before me.
The Night in your Eyes – Generates the feeling of a vintage movie
of two lovers struggling with their emotions.
Getting Back up – Will give the listener the enter feeling of
encouragement to try again.
Blinding Wind – Sparks the imagination of riding the wind on
a magical unicorn into an uncharted world.
It’s Gone – The emotion of ecstasy ascends and fades beyond reach.
Sister – Reflection of what was and what is.
On One Level – Homage for all
OG’s Dream – Questioning the elements with anger and compliance
© Written & Designed by Mary Nida Smith

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