Friday, April 17, 2009

Schedule and Focus: A schedule is difficult to keep, and keeping focus with distractions that comes with living can cause me to take a different path. But, I must keep trying for I am accomplishing some things on my list and this is the reason to re-focus and revise my schedule to meet my ever changing days.

Since April 6th, I have submitted an essay to a church magazine and a memory story to another magazine. I am in the middle of making some small changes to a children’s picture book I had finished. Plus, I checked on a couple of literary agents.

I am in the planning stage for an upcoming workshop on “How to Illustrate a Children’s Picture Book.”

I kept records and did some research on the wildlife that lives in the Woodland Garden. I worked a few hours replacing bird houses, making hummingbird food and enjoyed how God is showing me the ice storm didn’t destroy, only brought new life filled with surprises. I now have a 4-inch tall holly. The wind or a bird planted the seed. It replaced the small Mimosa tree I lost.

The squirrels provided knowledge about themselves for a picture book I have written and posed for my camera so I would have photos. What I learned about them I was unable to find on the internet. The squirrels have taught me many things over the years and each season I learn more.

Remember, besides the work I mention on this blog, I have the Bel Arco Resort Workshops that I organize, and my submarine stories and military writers’ blog where I am involved with mostly submarine veterans. Also, it is where I promote my book, “Submarine Stories of World War II.”

What was time consuming this week was searching for an important photo I misplaced. But, I did find it. Also, I was able to organize other photos I will be using in future articles and a book.

Yes, I did do all my weekly duties as a housewife. My hours are from 5:30 a.m -10 p.m. I try not to waste each day, but I am guilty of goofing off. Tomorrow, at 1 o’clock I am planning to attend “The Poetry Thing” at the Baxter County Library, Mountain Home. It is a great program.

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Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

It sounds like you are accomplishing a lot! What's important is that you enjoy the process.