Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Writer's Digest Books: Resource books - Children's Writer's & Illustrators Market, Writers' Market and Poetry Market are books people buy or bring home from the library to find a market for their writings or illustrations.

But, they miss many other important features provided in the front and back pages? Yes, they do. I am one who reads my book front to back, then, puts it on the shelf. I get busy where I only bring it out when searching for a market for my work. The front and back pages should be read often.

The books are full of helpful resources: contest, awards & grants, agents & art reps, clubs & organizations, conferences & workshops, list of helpful books & publications, useful online resources, glossary, names index (list of all the editors, art directors, agents & etc listed in the pages of the market books), age-level index, subject index, and professional organizations. This list is in the back - now read the front.

Writing is a difficult task
You think and research
You write and rewrite
It is no ordinary task.

A writer is made
Out of many rewrites.
The length of a writer's life
Is as uncertain as the morning fog.
-(c) Mary Nida Smith


irishoma said...

Hi Mary Nida,
Love your poem about writing--your words are so true.
Donna Volkenannt

Missy said...

A good reader reads the book from front to back and digests eacg word a long the way. It may make the process of reading longer, but so much more enjoyable!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thanks Donna. I believe all writers question all the work involved in being a professional writer. Mary Nida

Thanks Missy. Some books need to be reread often to refresh our memory. Mary