Monday, March 16, 2009

What a day!
Fog filled the air with heavy mist evoking the mood of mystery lurking beyond as I went for an early morning walk.
I was on a mission to visit one of the World War II Veterans who has a monument with four other veterans created in their honor at Naperville, Illinois. He was not home.

I took my camera for fog can sometimes creates strange encounters with nature and the surroundings. The woods I passed by was filled with rat-a-tats and squeaks of different woodpeckers working on trees. The ice storm had gutted rotten trees exposing meals fit for the king of the woods; the pileated woodpecker.

The ice storm caused terrifying crisis for the vultures roosting near the tree tops. As the trees suddenly creak, broke, and dropped; so did some of the vultures. One still hangs low on a broken bough, it's body limp and cold. A warning of the unknown, perhaps more death may enter these dry woods. Of cause I photographed this eerie, but sad phenomenon. I love watching vultures fly, they are beautiful as they tip their wings moving with the wind. Vultures are 26-32 inches in length and have a wingspan up to 6 feet.

I photographed the little fog spiders; this is what I call them, for I only see their webs on foggy mornings. I also took pictures of the butter-yellow forsythia bush; Ally, the neighbor’s dog with her green St. Patrick Day scarf; a young sweet girl who held her lovely cat, and the gray-white foggy backdrop beyond the trees.

The afternoon was spent in my Woodland Garden raking, uncovering flowers, building little forts for the rabbits (I hope) and placing garden ornaments back where they belong.
Tomorrow, I hope the mist has created fungi to photograph. I have lots of fungi pictures, but I
continue to find more for my collection.

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