Saturday, January 03, 2009

Publishing trends, fun vacation and gathering books:

Publishing is quickly changing like everything else. Don’t give up! Keep doing what you love to do. But, you must keep up with the changes. Learn from reading and studying authors, agents, and publishers’ blogs and websites. Search information provided for writing assignments on the Internet. The Internet may be one of the most important sources of business for future writers.

Publishing Trends at
Read Twin Lakes Writer’s President Nancy Thatcher Cerny web page at; she has an informative piece on the future of publishing.

I will try to get back to writing on my blog once a week. Right now, it is difficult for I am overwhelmed with catching up in the Garden Studio Office, meeting with friends to catch-up, and women’s work. I have gathered lots information to share in future blogs. So, hang on to your hat and write.

I had my wonderful son here for over two weeks. He is fun and funny. We all traveled to Naperville to spend a few days with my wonderful daughter, son-in-law and very special grandkids. I felted like a teenager on vacation. I visited Anderson’s Bookstore where I picked up a lot of free flyers filled with information and two children’s Christmas books – Cookie Angel by Bethany Roberts and The Year Of The Perfect Christmas Tree by Gloria Houston. Then, my granddaughter Nicole and I went to one of the libraries where I purchased 14 books at 25 cents each: Non-fiction hardbacks, children’s and adult books. Yes, I know I have about 400 books in my studio already. I enjoyed taking lots of photos.

Order of things to do: Date and press releases for the upcoming How to Create a Blog Workshop at Bel Arco Resort and Arkansas World War II Submarine Veterans Newsletter.

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