Monday, September 15, 2008

Illustrators for children’s picture books: I have always been fascinated by different art forms. I have loved to draw since I was a young kid enjoying cartoons and funny books. Illustrations I have created by drawings, painting and using photographs. I have finished a 32 children’s picture book dummy, created posters, and art paintings of different styles. I still would love to do it. But, time is running out, so I am captivated with usages of digital photography and digital programs to create illustrations.

I am busy writing cover letters to go with my children’s book manuscripts, articles, and poems to be sent to publishers. Yes, I am still working on my military books for kids and a million (So, it seems) other writings. I am always busy, except when I am burned-out.

For people who are interested in creating digital illustrations check out, Photoshop, Adobe PhotoshopTM Corel Painter IX, Shutterfly (http// or Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006

Check out http://childrenillustrators,com/, click on style & medium gallery where you will discover all styles of art forms -3D-computer, 3D-conventional, digital, photo realistic, and retro and many more. Also, check out an advertise agency for illustrators, Digital Art by Tim Alt (, and Richard Deverell, digital illustrator of children’s picture books (
Check out digital children’s books “Maggie Tales MT”, a look into the future of children's books.

I love this music – Computer Animated Music at They have sold 500,000 copies. First of all, I love Wes Bensching's wonderfully crafted music.

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