Friday, September 19, 2008

Favorite play areas as a kid: Country life, growing up on a farm while dreaming of far away places, dreaming of living the city life. I did get my chance to live the city life, well, it was small towns close to big cities. But, wherever I have lived the county girl still shows through. Being from a large farm family I was raised to share, be happy, budget, grow your own food, restore, and waste not was instilled in me and it never went away. I still love to explore creeks, play in the woods where I discover woodland friends and mysterious surprises. Barns were places that were one big play ground – fun and scary. Today, many weathered old barns stand alone uncared for, yet, are inviting as a building of mystery where bats, barn owls and other creatures have taken up residency.

This week I have been playing in the woods – my Woodland Garden. This year's storms with heavy rain and wind have changed my woods. Open spaces have entered creating a feeling I am being watched by neighbors. The wildlife, don’t visit as often – no place to hide. Oh, yes I still have lots of trees and rocks, but it will be something we’ll all have to grow into. I spent a couple of days, trimming, raking and burning. And I have more to do on my next visit.

Persimmons are falling in all shades of green, yellow, red and purple. The deer and raccoons love them. The mulberries, wild cherries, elderberries, service berries have come and went. There is still a few sassafras and dogwood berries, plus mushrooms to feed on.

The Woodland Garden has supplied many, many photo taking opportunities. Every time, I enter the garden my camera and I do a walk through looking for treasures that are framed and saved.

Check out GREEN PRINTS “The Weeder’s Digest” and WILDBIRD magazine at their website or blog.

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