Saturday, July 05, 2008

Illustrating and writing - I have published illustrations where I was paid and I have published for free. I haven't done any drawings or paintings for awhile, for I listen to people who kept telling I couldn't, shouldn't and it would take years of studying to be good at it, and to be published in the book markets. For you see, I am self-taught in all I do. Don't ever listen to the nay-sayers. Listen only to the ones who encourage you, and help direct you to continue what you love to do. The other day I was telling a person that I had three blogs and trying to learn how to create a website to promote my work. This person said," When do you do your housework and cook?" So many people think a women can only do work such as cleaning and cooking. If I am allowed, I try not to waste the time God provides for me each day. Today, I wasted time on my website and learned nothing.

Illustrating Children's Books by Martin Salisbury, published by Barron's and Writing with Pictures by Uri Shulevitz. The last book I used to create a storyboard (mapping a picture book),different drawings and a finished picture book with 22 drawings within 32 pages.

I have completed another illustrated dummy filled with doll furniture patterns and small drawings of each piece of furniture. I have ready an adult how-to-book manuscript with many photographs for illustrations.

I have painted pictures for people of their houses, paintings to match bedroom decor, created greeting cards, and a submarine painting. I love to create. I do the best I know how.

Today, I hope to have ready two children's picture book manuscripts to go out in the mail Monday. I try to keep items for the children and adult markets sent out as often as time permits.

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