Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Book Tour begins Monday, July 21. I am excited and nervous about this undertaking for my friend, Velda Brotherton, author and freelance writer. She is adventuring into a new opportunity for authors to promote their books. The word has not spread quickly, for this is the first time I have heard of this type of arm chair book tour, known as "Blog Tours" or "Blog Books Tours." You can see it in action next week when I host Velda and her books on my blog for a day. We are both new at this, but she has been studying it for awhile, so she promise to guide me along.

I have known Velda for several years and she is a quiet, sweet person, deeply involved in creating non-fiction and fiction books. She is a reporter, freelance writer and, a historical and fictional short story writer. She is a hard working writer and her published writings speak of this. You can read more of Velda at http://www.veldabrotherton.com, http://vbrotherton.blogspot.com, http://veldabrotherton.blogspot.com, and http://vimeo.com/364804. Her latest books are With the Morning Dove 3/07 and Images in Scarlet 08.

30 tips for a Blog Book Tour at http://www.helenginger.com/blogging_blogspot.com

My favorite blog about dogs is http://missyandcocosblog.blogspot.com, because it is not written for personal gain - it is written from a heart filled with love.

Michael Warriner, Field Ecologist from Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission presented a children's program at the Baxter County Library. I enjoyed it as much as the kids. Yes, kids are buggy about bugs. They know how they tick and are eager to learn more. I love to watch bugs, spiders and all God's critters. One afternoon a big black, hard shelled bug happened to visit me without my knowledge. It was using the soft cushion of my office chair to relax on. You can guess what happen next... it took a bite out of me. We went to battle and I won, then I added it to my collection of insects, feathers, nests, and dried fungi.

Writing is a lonely world where I live, so I guess this is another reason why I love to blog.

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