Monday, October 29, 2007

The writing life never prepared me for behind the scenes of a first book release. I have tried to keep the public and friends updated since it was finished; which seems like years ago. It was suppose to be released last Spring, then Fall 06. Now, a limited addition has been released. The publisher is calling this the first printing and there will be a second printing. to meet the request. This is an exciting time and a stressful time. I am grateful for all the congratulations coming from friends and the excitement the book has produced among our submarines friends.

I am beginning to receive notices of upcoming conferences. Jerry Libstaff sent one for the 2008 Watermark Writer's Conference September 26,27 and 28, taking place at Alderbrook Resort on Hood Canal, Washington. Our niece and her husband teach school in that area. I enjoy knowing what is happening with other writers groups. I discover publishers to submit to and learn what new and old friends are doing when I check their websites, blogs and newsletters. Also, check out their links to find research material and helpful information.
Read the different writers groups' newsletters. Also, check out their links to find research materials and other helpful information. I copied the Coeur d' Alene Chapter of the Idaho Writers league newsletter the Lakegazette. I found it filled with 10 pages of information. Nancy Owens Barnes, one of their members has a new book South to Alaska, an exciting non-fiction. Believe it or not, Nancy has an Arkansas connection.

National E-Book Conference will be held at Portland, Oregon, March 6-9, 2008. information is found on page 9 of the above newsletter. Spread your horizons read what other writers are doing. Oh... by the way of all the e-mails I received last week one was from a literary agent who rejected me a few years back. Good agency. I wouldn't mind being a client there.

A cousin, RJ Nida has updated me on his family and my uncle Melvin who lives at Salem, WV. I purchased Jack's new book, Images of Roane County, a history book of the early settlement of that area. My family history dates back to that area in 1740 when they came from Germany. Jean Carper's latest book is out EatSmart, go to Marlene Ford and Jim Yoder have books out on mountain climbing and Jodie Larsen has published several novels to enjoy reading during this winter by a cozy fire.

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