Sunday, October 14, 2007

Audubon Society, Arts Center and writing organizations. For every genre or writing interest there is a group to join; Dog Writers Association, Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators, Garden Writers Association of America, America Society of Journalists & Authors, and many more can be found at the back of the Writer's Market. In each group will be members with one or more blogs where you will learn and can ask questions.

Check out where you can learn more about the Juvenile Writers of Kansas City and check out Christine's Friends and Favorite sites where you will receive lots of good information.

I am stepping out more and more. The writing business is a lonely one. When I was writing articles for magazines and newspapers I was out talking to people. Then, I decided I wanted to spend my writing time I squeezed out each day on my fiction and non-fiction books for children and adults. I hate unfinished projects. Unfinished writings and continuously writing for free is a dead end. I must stay focus. Deadlines keep me focused and this is what I must place on myself.

I was unable to go out for a few years to different organizations where I could learn more about the subjects I am writing about because of our little ill miniature dachshund who needed me. She went on a long journey April 13, 2005 -Black Friday! I wanted to place Baby Girl's picture down here, but she decided she wanted to be placed where everyone could see her. She loved to go for rides before she reached the age of nineteen.
Last Monday, I went to the Audubon Society where I learned about bears, spiders, birds and photography. I have wanted to check out the Olde main Street Arts Center in Yellville. I wasn't disappointed. The crafts were nicely displayed. The crafters I spoke to were filled with excitement to first of all have the owners believe in what they were creating and encouraging them to expand their talents. Every town needs a place for creative people to express themselves. This type of creativity and music expressions can only enhance a community.

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