Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oh, the ups and downs of a writer. Many of the days I resigned myself to give up the whole writing thing. To become involved in hobbies that allow me to float through life. Just to enjoy gardening, sewing, painting, puttering around the house, on the deck and the summer porch. Last Friday, I spent the day with my husband in my woodland garden raking, trimming and watering. I get so involved with my mud turtles, woodpeckers and other birds, a tree-legged raccoon and insects. I could watch them from sunrise to dawn until the bats disappear into darkness blocking my view. Sometimes, I do have the opportunity to sit on the summer porch to count a few stars and see how the moon will shape-up. Everywhere inside the house and out are affiliated with wildlife and the out-of-doors. such as birdhouses, fishing, nests, feathers, bird cages and a large black cricket on the fireplace hearth for good luck. One of the neighbors gave my husband two bird houses for watering their plants while they were on a trip. Why visiting my family at Naperville in August, my daughter and granddaughters after touring through several neat little shops presented me with a large white box with a bright pink bow. It was so pretty I hated to open it, but I did. What a surprise, a pedestal dish. The base was the form of a tree trunk with two male cardinals. Beautiful.

You can read between the lines I know you can. You are saying to yourself and to whoever will listen, she just received a rejection. So, you are right. I checked the publisher at and they had changed the editor after receiving my manuscript. This editor has different request on the type of books she would like to see. Oh, well... I already feel better. Once I reorganize my studio office and the large folding table in the guest room, I'll be excited to get back to writing. The love of my life for it places me into many different corners of the world.

I have finished several projects that need to be floating out in never, never land where I hope editors will snag one or two as trophies to become books. Sometimes, I allow myself to think about finding a partner to work on some of my non-fiction books. But, I'm a little crazy I see things... the world different than most people. I am like a butterfly that loves to try the nectar from all types of flowers. Writing is a passion to die-hard writers. Write on! See you on the printed page.

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