Friday, December 02, 2016

Village Writing School


Sunday, December 4
In this workshop, we will look at the nature of metaphor and how metaphor can be a tool for generating surprise in a reader.

We will also: 
  • look at ways to coax our poetry into taking surprising detours and discuss how those detours can shape a new understanding of ourselves.
  • read examples of successful poems that employ similar tactics. 
  • participate in writing exercises designed to generate new ideas.

The workshop leader is Rodney Wilhite whose poems have appeared in Pleiades, 14 HillsCartographer, The Idle Class, The Puritan, and Splash of Red. He teaches at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith.
This is the third of our free poetry series. Don’t miss it!

Become a Better Poet & A Better Poetry Reader

December 4   2 - 4 p.m.
Rogers Library
711 S. Dixieland Road

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