Sunday, October 12, 2014

ORAC 6 x 6 Fundraiser

“Six x Six @ 6:00”

October 16 at 6:00 at the Vada Sheid!

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 Photo 1:  LL- Barbara Smock- dog/ LM- Marlene Gremillion-Abstract/ LR-Richard Melborn- trees/ TL- Deborah Lively – trees w/ sunset/ TR- Patricia Corder- flowers
Photo 2: LL- Joy Tegels- butterfly/LM- Jeanne Roth- flowers/ LR- Suzanne Fry- Butterfly/ TL- Patsy Inman- Butterfly/ TR- Janet Emery- Flowers
Photo 3: LL- Beth Fern- flowers/ LM- Patsy Inman-yellow w/flowers/LR- Unknown- Pink Flowers/ TL- Linda Gonzales- Red Flowers/ TR- Suzanne Fry- Red and Blue Flowers
Photo 4: LL- Charlotte Barnhart- school of fish/ LM- Carol Scott- fish/ LR- Unknown- Fish/ TL- Patsy Inman- abstract/ TR- Dana Johnson- Frogs
Photo 5: LL- Kathy Demko- cat/LM—Lisa Gordon- bird/ LR- Judy Brown- Cougar/ TL- Linda O’Neal- bird/ TR-Mary Nida Smith—bird
Photo 6: LL- Sherri Groves- abstract/ LM- Jessica Williams- Yarn design/ LR- AJ Cantrell- Abstract/ TL- Harvey Middleton- Rectangle pattern/ TR- Deborah Lively- Needlepoint chicken
Photo 7: LL- Linda Short- Sail boat/ LM- AJ Cantrell-trees/ LR- Jerry Preator- Trees/ TL- Kathy Demko- River Landscape/ TR- Willard Savadge- River and flowers
Photo 8: LL- Jeanne Roth- Flowers/ LM- Fran Sabia-Tomato?/ LR-Linda O”neal-flower/ TL- unknown- church/ TR- Patsy Inman- Barn/snow
Photo 9: LL- Bobbie Hanson- Trees/ LML- Dan Cohee- Bird/ LMR- Dan Cohee- Bird/ TL- Kathy Demko- Lighthouse/ TR- Willard Savadge- Eagle
Photo 10:  Jim Davis- Ironwork
photo 9
photo 10
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