Friday, February 28, 2014

Darcy Pattison Author

Saturday, February 15, 2014.

Oh, how fast time goes by since that Saturday for I been wanting to share it with my friends. I arrived at the library at 9:55 before the doors open, so I had to wait five minutes before being able to go down stairs to the children’s library for Storytime at 10:30 a.m. Author Darcy Pattison from Little Rock  would be sharing her children books. She didn’t arrive until almost 11 p.m. She had an unrepairable flat.

Poor girl, the last time she visited the Baxter County Library, Gassville tornado roared through this area. I was there that afternoon for she was also speaking to writers.

It was wonderful to see her again. I have been to SCBWI week-end retreats and

conferences where Darcy was involved. The first thing she did was put me to work clicking on her power point as she changed the pages of her book, “The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman” as she read. I am like a little kid I get so busy listen and watching the kids’ reaction I almost forgot to change the pages with her. I and the kids loved it. Darcy also share  the upcoming release of her book, “Wisdom-The Midway Albatross,” illustrated by SCBW-AR member Kitty Harvill and published by Mims House. I purchased the two mentioned books above.

Children’s Librarian, Deborah Edmonds and Darcy invited me to have lunch with them at our wonderful Blackbird CafĂ©.   I enjoyed it very much.

Afterwards, I stopped in with The Free Verse Poetry Group to be counted and purchase 9 of our latest CD, “Driftwood.” The group (which, I am a member) was meeting at the library the same time I signed up for Darcy’s afternoon blog workshop. Darcy did a great job teaching this class of about 27 attendees. She uses WordPress and I use Blogger. I was able to learn a few things I can incorporate into my blogging and posting, and maybe make a few bucks.

I missed the Fleet Reserve dinner at 178 Club in Bull Shoals – everything always appears to happen all in one day. I can’t be everywhere, even if I would love to.

As you can see, I am writing this quickly before another two weeks go by.


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