Tuesday, January 28, 2014


© by Mary Nida Smith

It is the first I am told
in many, many years
the earliest force of nature
adds insult to animals
and the human race.
Late fall night peaceful sleep.
Early morning sunrise
shattered ice beads
against the window panes.
Throughout days ahead
high wind chases rain
out for ice to form,
snow quickly moves in
covering the danger below.
Home bound, bone chilling
in a winter that turned
Southern states upside down.


Jane Heitman Healy said...

You said it well, Mary Nida! I especially like "adds insult to animals/and the human race," "shattered ice beads," "covering the danger below." Come on, sun! But if you have to freeze, it's best to suffer poetically. :)

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Hi Jane, thanks for taking time to read my poem. I also posted it on David's W.O.M. blog. There will be many poems coming out of this long hard winter.

Bobby Barbara Smith said...

I'm trying this again :) I keep getting page unresponsive.It's not FB it's on the blog site.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

I am testing to see if there is a problem, for I was information by friends they were unable to leave a comment.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thanks Bobby for viewing and commenting on my blog. Come back soon.