Saturday, September 14, 2013

Life is a Balancing Act

I wrote part of this on Facebook and it flew away before I was able to click post. After finishing this I tried to make some changes , it wouldn't lets me. I tried three times and the post disappear. This is my last try.

The Arkansas Ozarks hills are filled with numerous creative artists. Thursday, I attended the Area Art Club at Hill Country Gallery on the Mountain Home square.

I enjoyed our member Margie Payton’ presentation on Collage Art; Margie and Jeanie Roth have an art show at the gallery. Last night I dropped in to see Dana Johnson’s beautiful painting exhibit at the Palette Art Gallery in Yellville.


Saturday, September 21, Free verse Poets CD “Driftwood” will be released

and I am looking forward to listening to 16 poets read two poems each. I enjoyed their first CD “Expressions.” I didn’t read on the first one, but I was honored to read two on the second recording.


I am putting together all my finished writings in different genres, editing and filing

with guidelines of different publishers and magazines to submit, one at a time. If this is supposed to be I’ll be published, if not, another road will open up for me to travel.


It is difficult balancing everything. Just finished laundry, lunch, and there are a few more projects to do before a busy week ahead. The main thing to get behind me is workman from Hopper’s coming Tuesday and Wednesday to spray wash the house and deck, clean gutters, repair and stain the deck. If this works out there are a few more small jobs need to be done outside and inside the house before winter.


I have the greatest artist who paints the sky encouraging and directing me. Without Him, I am nothing.


Bobby Barbara Smith said...

I found it this time! Good work. I've been reorganizing too. Hopefully it will cut down on time spent looking for things I've misplaced ;)

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thanks Bobby for visiting my blog. As you can see I still need to reorganize my time.