Wednesday, May 29, 2013

David L. Harrison Children's Book Author

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Mary Nida Smith 

By Mary Nida Smith

Gray clouds welcome
the morning with mist
descending downward
toward Devonshire Pond.
Pulling veils of fog
creating strange scenes,
eyes glow
above half buried logs.
Bullfrogs’ voices echo
between spring cattails
playing leapfrog
along water’s edge.
Sunrays push through
pulling fog upward
to display pollywogs
and dragonflies flirting
with turtles asleep
until temperature warms
to lift gray clouds
from Devonshire Pond.

    1. JMPoland21van
    2. Mary Nida Smith:
      I hear the fog tumbling down with the clouds and then levitating up with dragonflies.
      What gracious movement!
      Jeanne Poland

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