Friday, July 27, 2012

Chicago, Photographs,Arts Council and Story Book Chair

It feels strange to be back. The trip to Chicago and area was very

special. It has been a busy couple of months.

I have been busy uploading my Kodak photo albums to Shutterfly

over 500 albums. I wish I could limit how many photos I take,

I see beauty and wonderment in every little or big thing I see.

I had problems with my computer, mostly my email password

and I still do. My server said it wasn’t their fault so I had a local

computer man come out who said I had a virus where I needed

all my files cleaned. So while he went on a trip I took it to Staples

where they checked it out to be okay and they added some memory.

I do know I need to get a new one soon.

Check out the updated Ozark Regional Arts Council website and read their newsletter.

I write “Twin Lakes Area Writers,” a monthly column promoting

writers groups from Hardy, Mountain View to Harrison, Arkansas

and from Ava, West Plains, Gainesville, Missouri to Mountain Home.

I joined for $25. Each club member pays a dollar. If you belong to a

photography club or any other club, please join and support the

creative people in your area.

The Princess Paisley Story Book Chair created by Carole T. Jones &

Dorothy Anderson, two very talented members of the Palette Art

League at Yellville will be up for bids in August to help raise funds for

the Gamma House in Mountain Home, AR. I am crazy the chair. I will

soon be announcing the release of Carole’s colored illustrated kids

cookbook. Illustrations are of animals cooking or eating and it includes

coloring pages for kids to enjoy. To see the chair visit my facebook.
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