Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am sadly disappointed to hear the Twin Lakes Writers will no longer be meeting at our new Donald W. Reynolds Library. To learn more continue to read.

Monday September 19, 2011 -10:30 am, I attended my monthly board meeting of The Friends of the Library, where I heard the latest news about the Twin Lakes Writers.

The FOL is the only membership I continued to be involved with after May 10th when I fractured my left arm above the elbow and on the 13th; I had surgery where the doctor placed a plate with pins to hold the bone together. It was inserted through my shoulder; it continues to heal. So, I was unable to continue at that time as president of the group that I had founded March 1998. My vice-president was kind enough to be the president.

The library supported our writers group in so many ways. We had a large beautiful room with a podium and a speaker, plus a large screen for a “Power Point” presentation. December 4th the library will continue to sponsor “Local Authors Day.” To learn more click on http://www.baxlib.org
Go to their calendar on Sunday Dec 4th sign up to reserve a space and be mentioned in their press releases.

Watch for my new blog or website to announce information on books I am self-publishing, submitting to traditional publishers and books I am rewriting. I will be announcing my new book that will be released in 3-4 weeks. So continue to tune in to see what is happen as I try to go forward in a world of the unexpected.


Living Large said...

Why is the TLW not meeting at the library anymore, Mary?

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Kerri, they wanted a different time slot and the library at this time was unable to change it. They also wanted to go back to the church where they held meetings before I came the president. The different times I was president I enjoyed having it at the library.

Living Large said...

That's too bad.