Monday, August 01, 2011

Saturday, July 30th I attended the all day OWAIC 3rd annual workshop at The Library Center in Springfield, Mo. I rode with my friend Laurel (Lonnie) Sheridan who has written for children’s magazines and has finished two teen novels. A large group came to learn, fellowship, and have a one-on-one, 10-minute manuscript critiqued with Editor Paula Morrow. I took one and she was very helpful and I enjoyed my ten minutes with her. There was also about ten one pages handed in for a critique read by the speakers, Vicki Grove, Cheryl Harness and Janie (J.B.) Cheaney. All the one pages submitted were good. We all learned from all the helpful comments.

Ms. Morrow shared a lot of good information on writing and marketing.
I purchased Cheryl’s coloring book. She writers and illustrates historical books for children.

Check out these websites:
Vicki Grove
J.B. Cheaney
Ink Think Tank – Nonfiction Authors in Your Classroom
I.N.K. Blog –

I only wished I could have taken my camera, but with one arm for now, it would have been difficult. I was so happy to be out enjoying myself. Tomorrow back to therapy.


Janice Votsmier said...

Hi Mary,
I love the photo of the birdhouses. The colors are great.

Glad to see you went to the conference in Springfield, hope you can join us for Twin Lakes Writers on August 13th.


Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thank you Janice. Have a great meeting on the 13th.