Monday, May 09, 2011

A new week, a new start to enjoy the moment and create. Mother's Day the sun was high in the sky bringing warmth to the earth. This morning the ever changing sky provided me with several changing scenes - from sunrise to storm clouds/beautiful! Check my facebook for a new photo I took on a foggy morning last week. Another fun morning walk.

David's new word "Promise" for the month of May. I have my poem "No Promise" up on ADULT "W.O.M." at

SHORT SHORT STORY - up to 2,000words
SHORT STORY - 2,000-8,000 words
NOVELLA - 8,000-40,000 words
NOVELS - 50,000 and up

Check out Read kid's book in the genre you want to write.
Learn by reading. Write down the parts used in the books you read.
Title: Is it interesting and why did they chose this title?
Strong opening:
Main Character profile:
Protagonist profile:
Secondary character profile:
Characters - think of them as actors in different setting on a stage or movie.
Point of view: Who is telling the story ?

  • Third person is the narrator not a character in the story

  • First person is a character in the story
What part does each character play in the story?
Voices -how each character has his own in dialogue.
What conflict is created to make this story interesting?
The writer creates mood through setting, characters, and descriptive details.
What did you like or dislike about the book/story?
How many words?
What grade or age group?
Who is the publisher?
If you like the way the book was written check out this author's website
for more helpful insight.
A very good book on this for beginners is "Extraordinary Short Story Writing" by
Steven Otfinoski

Information on self-publishing

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