Wednesday, January 05, 2011

NATIONAL BIRD DAY today January 5th, and five days ago at Beebe, Arkansas thousands of
beautiful male red-winged blackbirds rained from the sky. I believe the weather confused them - hot one-two days of Spring weather, then the weather changed quickly to a Winter freeze and the birds were caught in-between. Out West they go South for the winter and are the first Spring bird to return on the High Deserts of Idaho. Enjoy all birds, they are a blessing from God to keep the mean bugs from eating us up.


Missy said...

It's strange how things like that can affect animals in nature, but being that God controls nature, it is out of our hands.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

God must be angry. We pick up the pieces and continue.

irishoma said...

Hi Mary-Nida,
The bird situation was so weird. Red winged blackbirds are such lovely creatures. It's sad so many died.
donna v.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Hi Donna, yes, it is weird followed by all the dead fish. We have to protect our rivers. People trash our rivers like they trash our roadsides.

Mary Nida