Monday, June 21, 2010

Wild Gardener that's me. The Woodland Garden is getting wilder by the day. I haven't been able to keep up with the weeding. But, I love it! Did a little watering today for it is so dry. Checked on my cecropia silk moth cocoon. Instead of laying flat against the wild cherry trunk, it is outward, verily clinging to the bark. It is almost ready to enter the big world. It has been about nine months. There is lots of information on the Internet on these huge beautiful collectible creatures. I only want to collect photos.

I took a photo of my first annual/common cicada clinging to a small sassafras tree. It was alive and had emerged from its shell of a body. Also, I talked to one of the garden turtles as I took its photos. See why I love my garden?


Missy said...

The garden is also a great place to escape to. When I am silent with God's beautiful world, I feel peace.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Yes, yes! You are so right. God little creatures are so entertaining and the beauty of nature takes your breath away. Thanks Missy.